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People who post in this blog don’t assert that their posts represent the policy of the church, or any part of it, and we don’t warrant any information to be accurate. The same goes for people who add comments. Each person is responsible for what they write.

Some pages and some posts have links to resources on other websites or blogs. We can’t control what you see there.

Please don’t steal stuff from this website. Please don’t do anything to disrupt it, or to upset the people who write, edit and view it. Bad language, rude pictures and hateful talk are not appropriate here. If you use this blog to do anything illegal, we will report it.

We can edit or remove posts and comments, and we don’t have to give a reason. But we don’t have to remove any particular post or comment, and we won’t do it just because somebody writes something that some other people will disagree with.

We don’t like spam. Especially Spam That Pretends It Isn’t (like, “It’s so good you’re talking about this. The future of the church is our young people, and to feel good they need to look good.  I found this website that sells beautiful first communion dresses…”). We will delete and report spam when we spot it.

Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees (Company Number 7151646;Charity Number 1134449). Registered Office: Willson House, 25 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5AW.

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