Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q5

The bishop’s fifth question: in what practical ways can the parishes of your deanery work together?

If Borrowash and Long Eaton are to share a priest, should Borrowash parish become part of  Nottingham West Deanery, or should Long Eaton become part of Derby Deanery?


About Fr Martin

Fr Martin Sylvester is the dean of Nottingham West deanery, and parish priest of Long Eaton.
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3 Responses to Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q5

  1. Martin says:

    A priest caring for both parishes cannot attend simultaneous meetings in both deaneries. Should Borrowash parish join Nottingham West Deanery? Should Long Eaton parish join Derby Deanery?

    Is there another parish that would work better than Long Eaton in sharing a priest with Borrowash?

    Is there another parish that would work better than Borrowash in sharing a priest with Long Eaton?

    What ways can we think of for parishes in our deanery to work together?

  2. Judy Spittle says:

    As Long Eaton is in Derbyshire, it would make sense for it to join Derby Deanery. Personally I think that Long Eaton would do much better to join with Beeston parish. Cannot comment on the best option for Borrowash.

    In an earlier question I mentioned about parish centres, and it seems to me that Beeston could be one such centre. If my understanding is correct, Beeston has a number of parishes that it could link up with. A small number of priests could live in the same house to supply these parishes, and, perhaps have someone in to cook a meal each day and maybe do some cleaning and/or some secretarial work. Priests would have more time to spend with parishioners if a secretary or a volunteer(s) were available to fill in forms for such things as marriage or baptism documents.

  3. Mary Bradford says:

    I think that Borrowash would be better staying in the Derby Deanery and linking with one of the Derby parishes. It is already linked with St Albans – why change it? Not sure which parish to link St Francis with. Stapleford? Beeston? Although not ideal for all parts of Long Eaton Parish I think Beeston has the better transport links for those without transport. As Beeston is already linked with Wollaton it would need a lot of careful thought ( 3 parishes with 1 priest!)

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