Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q4

The bishop’s fourth question: what would your parish do to support other parishes if they lost a resident priest?


About Fr Martin

Fr Martin Sylvester is the dean of Nottingham West deanery, and parish priest of Long Eaton.
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One Response to Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q4

  1. Martin says:

    We don’t know if Canon Ka Fai would be moved, or Fr Martin would be moved, or if they would both be moved and a new priest come in to care for both parishes.

    If one of the priests is to stay, should he be allowed, if he wishes, to continue living in his present house, so the stresses of taking on the service of a second parish aren’t added to by the stresses of moving house?

    What ways can we think of in our parish of supporting the other one if it’s their parish that loses their resident priest? And the other local parishes who lose their resident priest?

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