Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q3

The bishop’s third question: in what ways can your parish and its parishioners change in order to better fulfil the Church’s mission of preaching, worship and service?


About Fr Martin

Fr Martin Sylvester is the dean of Nottingham West deanery, and parish priest of Long Eaton.
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3 Responses to Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q3

  1. Martin says:

    Can those who run the children’s liturgy in both parishes continue to serve at revised times?

    Can people with cars take care of those who would otherwise face a long journey by bus to get to Holy Mass?

    Can parishioners take care of setting things up for Holy Mass, and putting them away afterwards, so that their shared priest can arrive and leave in fitting serenity of mind, confident that everything is taken care of?

    What about the broader issue of service? How can our parish better be a visible and active sign of God’s love for the world and the local community?

    What about Holy Mass on weekdays? Can we find ways, for example, to see that people who rely on public transport are not disadvantaged?

  2. Judy Spittle says:

    With regard to children’s liturgy, I cannot see that this should become a problem. If I have missed something here, would it be possible for children at the Catholic Schools to have their religious education at school? – perhaps after school if a study period cannot be made available?

    Asking people who have cars to take people who don’t have them to provide transport every week is a big ask. By and large people who have cars have children and most of them are finding it difficult to find the money to pay the expenses of running a car. I think it would be better to tailor the Mass times to coincide with the buses.

    With regard to weekday Masses, it would be helpful if local priests could co-ordinate their times. For example, Long Eaton is on bus routes to Beeston, Sandiacre and Borrowash: Borrowash is on bus routes to Chaddesden and Long Eaton. Weekday Masses in these parishes could perhaps be co-ordinated. Complicated, of course – apply to any head teacher for advice!

  3. Mary Bradford says:

    I think the propsed link would mean a lot of changes. Transport could be a major issue. Setting up for Holy Mass would be the easiest to faciliate. Holy mass on weekdays – would there be a possibility of Liturgies of Holy Communion in the parish where mass is not being said to overcome the transport issues (there are less people available to offer lifts during the week)

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