Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q2.3

If the two parishes are to share one priest, where should the first Mass of Sunday be celebrated?

  • At Borrowash
  • At Long Eaton

Which of these do you want? Which of these do you think is best?


About Fr Martin

Fr Martin Sylvester is the dean of Nottingham West deanery, and parish priest of Long Eaton.
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2 Responses to Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q2.3

  1. Judy Spittle says:

    We tend to go to Saturday night Mass. If there is to be two Masses in Long Eaton, again I would say this should be chosen by Borrowash. If we are to have one Mass on a Sunday and none on Saturday, I would prefer an early Mass so as to be home early enough to cook for any family or friends who may be coming to lunch. More likely – we would go to Beeston on a Saturday night.

  2. Mary Bradford says:

    I am not sure. I usually attend the Saturday night mass.

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