Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q1.2

How do you feel about the proposals? Please indicate:

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About Fr Martin

Fr Martin Sylvester is the dean of Nottingham West deanery, and parish priest of Long Eaton.
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3 Responses to Responding to Bishop Malcolm’s proposals: Q1.2

  1. Judy Spittle says:

    I am somewhat anxious about linking St Francis with Borrowash for reasons given in Question 1. If the Masses in Long Eaton continue to be one on Saturday evening and one on Sunday, it will not make any difference to Long Eaton (depending on the time of the Mass on Sunday) but that seems a little unrealistic. It might be better to close St Francis and let the parishioners adopt a church either in Beeston or Sandiacre as their regular church. I would add that we have only been living in Long Eaton for 13 years and I know there are people who have lived here all their lives who would not want to contemplate such a thing.

  2. ashton m says:

    the simple answer is not a lot. i think the bishop is dodging his his responsibilities by attempting to push this problem to the parishes before looking for solutions inside his own responsibilties. we need more priests and that is what he should be looking at not closing parishes

  3. Mary Bradford says:

    I am concerned that we may be creating situations throughout the diocese where many parishoners will not find it easy to get to Mass due to lack of transport, no direct bus service, Mass at times which conflict with work commitments. I also feel that although it will be a good opportunity to create a greater community feeling, it may well do the opposite – people may loose contact with their local parish community.

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